The earth-moving machinery is typically heavy-duty vehicles created for the purpose of construction operations that revolves around earthworks. The units which are used in construction jobs ranging from home building to extensive commercial projects. are used to move dig foundations for landscaping, move large amounts of earth, among others. Notably, these heavy construction equipment are designed for diverse functions, thus, making them indispensable on job sites. Site van Adrighem is one of the best companies offering earth-moving machinery used in the construction industry. Below is a list of some of these apparatuses.

Backhoe Loader

The multi-purpose machine resembles a farm tractor, and it also has an adjustable shovel in the front as well as a small bucket at the back for digging. The backhoe is used for digging trenches and holes, move dirt, backfill excavations. The backhoe loader is normally versatile as well as small in size hence its common application in urban engineering along with small construction projects such as fixing urban roads, building a small house, among others.


The heavy-duty unit is made up of a base cabin and a long arm with a bucket attachment at its end. For them to operate optimally, they utilize a hydraulic system. The excavators are usually driven by either tracks or wheels, but tracks are more standard. These heavy machines are extensively used in small and large construction sites. Some of the application areas for excavators dredging, mining, landscaping, grading, excavation, heavy lifting, demolition, mining, pipe installation, material handling, etc.

Crawler Loader

The crawler loader is a cross between a backhoe and an excavator, with tracked chassis as well as a loader which is utilized for loading/moving materials and digging. It is worth noting that the crawler loader is a versatile component of any fleet that is able to perform numerous tasks. The ideal working areas for these working areas are recycled material, rock, sand, and moving wood chips. These machineries move on tracks that are usually manufactured using various materials as well as the varying number of grousers that make them have the ability to maneuver diverse surfaces. The hydrostatic drives assist in the operation of the machines.


A trencher is an earth-moving machine that is used for digging trenches in the soil usually used for drainage, cabling, and piping purposes, among others. The trenching machines are available in two categories namely: wheeled trenchers and chain trenchers. To begin with, the wheeled trenchers are ideal for excavating hard soil layers and it consists of a metal wheel with digging teeth around it. The next is the chain trenchers is composed of a fixed long arm around which the digging chain is provided.


Bulldozer is one of the heavy-duty machines that are usually available on the construction premises. The applications of the bulldozers are transporting huge amounts of soil or dirt in enormous and open construction sites, crushing large boulders, among other functions. The bulldozers are found on a variety of sires namely engineering projects, military bases =, mines, and heavy-duty factories.