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5 Key Factors That Affect the Accuracy of Online Real Estate Evaluations

If you're thinking of selling your home, it's important to know how much it's worth. One popular way to know combien vaut ma maison aujourd'hui is to use an online real estate evaluation tool. But how accurate are these tools? Here are five key factors that can affect the accuracy of online evaluations: Property Age The age of your property can have a big impact on its value. Newer properties tend to be worth more than older ones, all other things being equal. This is because they're often built with newer materials and technologies, and they require less maintenance. Location Location is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a property. If your home is in good locality with schools, low crime rates, and easy access to amenities, it's likely to be worth more tha

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Establishing a Positive Landlord–Tenant Relationship

The landlord-tenant dynamic is one that both parties must put effort into in order for the relationship to be beneficial for all. How can a landlord ensure the best possible space for the tenant while also making a profit? How can the tenant be a good renter and communicate with the landlord for any issues? Caton Commercial Real Estate Group has created an infographic going over what landlords and tenants alike must do to procure the best possible situation for each other. For tips on how to establish a healthy relationship between you and your landlord or tenant, please see the provided resource.  Guide created by Caton Commercial Real Estate Group

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