There are many different moving parts when it comes to property development, and depending on the state of the property, and whether the plot of land is to be completely redeveloped or not, there will be different requirements in terms of machinery and equipment for the upcoming construction tasks. For a plot of land where extensive work is to be carried out on a property development project, there will most likely be the need of a compactor. Plant hire companies in the UK are in the perfect position to help you hire a compactor to perform the important tasks on site during the preparation phase.

Why do you need a compactor for soil on a property development?

It is important that soil is compacted before anything is built on top of it. A good compactor is used to reduce the space between soil particles, making it less likely that there will be failure further down the line with the construction above the soil. A strong, compacted, soil base provides a robust foundation from which to work from. This preparation phase is always the most important part of any construction project.

There are different types of compaction machinery that can be used on a property development site. This includes smooth rollers, padfoot and tamping foot rollers, or pneumatic rollers. It might not always be straightforward to decide the type of compactor to hire, and this is where a good relationship with a quality plant hire company comes in very handy. They have the experience, and the evolving fleet of plant hire options, that allows them to ascertain the correct approach for your specific site needs.

The importance of soil compaction

When it comes to residential property development, the use of correct compaction equipment and effective soil compaction, is crucial to the long-term sustainability and viability of the property development project. Without proper soil compaction on a residential property development there can be future problems encountered, such as poor drainage, cracked foundations, or even buckling pavements and driveways. By hiring a compactor from a quality plant hire company that you trust, you are ensuring that the basics of soil compaction are looked after, and that before any building work takes place, the preparation on the plot of land is completed to a high, safe, standard.

If you are looking for a compactor for hire to help with a property development project, find a plant hire company that has a glowing reputation, great experience, and a fleet of top-of-the-range compactors and other plant equipment and machinery that will do the job to the highest standards. It is important to have faith in your equipment, and the right support from a professional plant hire company in the UK with a plant lease depot close to your location, helps you to meet targets, drive standards higher and meet tight deadlines. Compactors are an important part of the process when developing a plot of land to build property, make the right choice of plant hire to support your targets.